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Inspirational Property Maintenance in Horsham, Crawley and the Surrounding Areas |
Let’s Create Some Space!

Sometimes all it takes is a little thinking outside of the box to make your smaller rooms work for you. There’s always that one area that’s too compact to be a regular functioning space, so it ends up becoming a dumping ground for everything you should put away properly but never seem to get the time to do. Complete Carpentry & Maintenance Services provides property maintenance, kitchen renovations and space creating facilities for our clients in Horsham, Crawley and the surrounding areas, turning those inconvenient rooms into useful and workable spaces.

All it takes is a little imagination and a few tools. But, within no time, you’ll have more storage and facilities in which to make your home work even better for you.

Space-Making Inspiration

We’ve listed a few ways in which you can achieve these results. For larger space creation projects, our property maintenance team at Complete Carpentry & Maintenance Services is on hand to do the work for you so please contact us for further information.

Change Your Doors
If the opening of doors is impeding space at your Horsham or Crawley property, consider swapping them for sliding ones. The same applies to smaller patio areas where French doors may take up too much external room.

Choose Furniture Wisely
Bulky seating will dwarf everything else in a small room. Invest in a couch that provides comfort but is also supported by thinner legs. More airflow around furniture gives the impression of extra space.

Double Up
And while we’re on the subject of couches, select seating with built-in storage so items can be put away instead of making the small space appear cluttered. Blanket boxes make perfect coffee tables for this reason also.

And Look Up
Hang an unusual but colourful piece of art up high, or print a pattern around the wall close to the ceiling. By drawing the eye upwards, the trick of making the room appear more spacious is achieved.

Less is More
In smaller rooms, only install what you need. Just because the couch has matching footstools, are they necessary? Our kitchen renovations team recommends taking photos and measurements of your room before shopping to avoid buying too much.

The Light Touch
Don’t use dark colours in your small area, or mix too many together. Stick to one main colour, that’s preferably light anyway, and accent with similar shades to create a theme that keeps the room airy.

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