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Property Maintenance in Crawley
Would Your Home Improve with Property and Landscaping Services?

Many homeowners dream of a garden that allows them to relax in the summer sun. Preferably, this means a dedicated spot for outdoor furniture and a creative design, complete with the leading materials. Naturally, this focus on quality also applies to the main home, resulting in the need for bathroom fitters or kitchen fitters with the right qualifications. At Complete Carpentry & Maintenance Services, we often specialise in kitchen renovations and property maintenance, but don’t let that put you off. We have the vast experience and attention to detail to take on a range of projects and deliver the landscaping services for your Crawley home.

Keep reading to see if your house, garden or business could use the help of our award-winning team.

Your Lawn Needs Regular Maintenance

Do you prefer to avoid mowing the lawn? Although some people enjoy the process, others see it as needless property maintenance and pay a gardener to do the work instead. Should you wish to avoid rolling costs and enjoy a stunning garden without effort, consider the benefits of artificial grass. Through our landscaping services, you’ll never need again need to get the lawnmower out.

Your Landscape Appears Empty

There’s something to be said for simplicity, but your garden in Crawley may still appear overly basic and lack a certain flair. More than just kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters, we also create raised beds, decked environments and retaining walls. These can benefit your space by breaking up the barren sightlines and providing areas of visual interest.

Your Property Feels Cramped and Cluttered

Moving to the house itself, you may experience a wide array of problems relating to a lack of space. Storage can become an issue, leaving you with piles of clothes on the floor. Instead of buying a stock wardrobe online, think about what our property maintenance team can do for you. Skilled in kitchen renovations and bespoke storage, we can build a made-to-measure wardrobe for any room in your Crawley property.

You’re Looking to Sell

As accredited bathroom fitters and kitchen fitters serving West Sussex, we’re able to look at ways to maximise value. The importance of a modern kitchen can’t be overstated. This is why kitchen renovations so often make properties more enticing in the long run. Of course, our landscaping services also boast a high rate of return, as new buyers look for gardens they can use with little effort.

Brickwork and Guttering Concerns

Property maintenance may not offer the same wow factor as kitchen renovations, but it’s still crucial to the performance of your home – and it shouldn’t be avoided by businesses either. Watch out for brick walls with a visible loss of mortar, as this cosmetic problem can soon become a structural one. Likewise, water pouring from the gutter may quickly find its way inside your Crawley home.

Call today for property maintenance and landscaping services. Not only can we provide a new patio or garden building, but also perform kitchen renovations with the market’s leading materials.

To arrange for property maintenance or learn more about the landscaping services we provide to the Crawley area, please call 01293 223001 or 07801 980557.