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Kitchen Renovations in Horsham
Advice from the Professional Kitchen Fitting Experts

The kitchen is often a source of pride, but only when given the proper care. In turn, getting your kitchen renovations just right is an essential process. To ensure the best results for your home in the Horsham area, call your local kitchen fitters – checking they have the insurance and accreditations to do the job well. As kitchen and bathroom fitting specialists with property maintenance experience, we can provide space optimisation tips and manage the whole project for your peace of mind. Our team can even complement this work with a range of landscaping services.

Get the most from your new kitchen with the advice below. As always, our kitchen fitters know that every property is different and can find a practical solution for each challenge.

Choose a Quality-Conscious Approach

Everyone loves a bargain, but it’s only a real bargain if you make savings in the long run. Items of low quality may save cash in the short term, but you’ll only spend more if you have to fix them sooner rather than later. Avoid problems in the near future by looking for products with extended warranties, and call expert kitchen and bathroom fitters to install them on your behalf.

Consider the Importance of Lighting

Lighting doesn’t just let you see what you’re doing. It also makes the space look bigger and brighter at all times of year. Why not add under-cabinet lights when planning your kitchen renovations? You might want to fix two lights per area to remove harsh shadows, put in pendant lights for a kitchen island, or go for recessed lighting around the kitchen sink. 

Our kitchen fitting and property maintenance team can provide ambient lights in and around Horsham. We also install lighting for new garden buildings as part of our landscaping services.

Blending the Complex with Simplicity

You may want your kitchen to make a bold statement. Although we’re happy to accommodate the client's needs, we can also suggest ways to optimise the space as part of the design process. For example, if one side appears very bold and busy, you might not want detailed worktops to distract from them. Instead, you may do better with sleek worktops and simple cabinets that enhance the key focal point. As the old saying goes, sometimes less is more.

Choose a Neutral Colour Scheme

Anyone looking to move should plan their kitchen renovations accordingly – in which case a neutral colour scheme will prove advantageous. However, those planning to stay in the Horsham area can enjoy more flexibility. Add brightly coloured panels or include a natural wood element within the design for an earthy tone. Remember that most house hunters don’t want to call in the kitchen fitting specialists or bathroom fitters as soon as they move in, so catering to many tastes will pay dividends at resale.

Speak With Your Kitchen Fitters

Kitchen renovations demand that your chosen fitters gain a firm grasp on what you hope to achieve. In much the same way, they need to learn of your property maintenance needs. This is an approach we take towards landscaping services too, including the building of decked areas and patios around Horsham. Make sure you have a detailed consultation and never be afraid to make your voice heard.

Making your desires clear gives everyone a better idea of what you want and helps formulate a plan for maximum impact.

Please call our kitchen fitting team on 01293 223001 or 07801 980557 for kitchen renovations and more in the Horsham area. We also carry out property maintenance.