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Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas That Don’t Hide Behind Doors

Your kitchen doesn’t need to be a canvas of closed doors and plain spaces. It’s the hub of the home so it should have a personality, as if it were part of the family. Afterall, it’s where meals are cooked and shared, conversations are enjoyed and we tend to spend a lot of time without even realising it. So it should be open and inviting, not cold and clinical. By hiding a lot of items away in cupboards, the warmth is removed from the area. You don’t have to flood the counter tops with dust-collecting appliances, just add a few bits and pieces that make the space more inviting.

Not sure? We can help. Kitchen fitting experts, Complete Carpentry & Maintenance Services carries out a range of kitchen fitting facilities for clients in Horsham, Crawley and the surrounding area. We’re an award-winning company with an eye for detail and a wealth of knowledge about kitchen renovations and comprehensive property maintenance.

How to Make the Kitchen More Inviting

Spread the Love
If you have a large space, or a kitchen-diner, consider adding a dresser to house your dinner service. As a display, it’s an eye-catching installation but it’s also a functional storage resource.

Secret Doors
Our kitchen fitting team at Complete Carpentry and Maintenance Services will conceal cabinets beneath breakfast bars as part of our kitchen renovations services, adding storage whilst incorporating a social aspect to your Horsham or Crawley home.

Shelve It!
Herbs, spices, pastas and pulses can make an attractive collection if stored in Kilner jars on open shelves above the worktop area. Still within reach, the food’s natural colours will stand out against a neutral background.

Less is More
Shallow units instead of standard depth shelving will add storage without taking up too much space. There’s also the convenience of not having to reach behind items to select an ingredient from the very back of a cupboard.

If you still prefer to have the majority of your kitchen items packed away in order to minimise cleaning, we suggest adding unique cupboards with glass doors as standalone pieces. Why not add a vintage piece in a modern kitchen? Our talented carpenters at Complete Carpentry & Maintenance Services can help design and create the perfect addition if you’d prefer a custom-made unit.

With over 150 years’ combined experience between our master craftsmen, potential clients in Horsham, Crawley and the surrounding areas can be assured of our dedication and focus when it comes to our kitchen fitting services. We can totally change your standard of living with our kitchen renovations, guaranteeing a smile on your face every time you walk into the most important room in your home.

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