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What Can You Accomplish with Home Extensions
or Loft Conversions in Crawley?

Home improvements aren’t just about bringing your house back up to modern standards. They also give you a chance to consider what’s best for your family. Home extensions, for example, can provide a bright sunroom, a new bedroom, or accomplish any number of creative ambitions. Loft conversions won’t encroach on the garden in the same way but won’t necessarily grant the same atmosphere as a rear extension. As such, it’s always wise to think about what you hope to accomplish before choosing property renovations, extensions or conversions in the Crawley area.

Make the Best Use of Home Extensions and Loft Conversions

As building contractors and carpenters, we offer to manage the building work for a stress-free development. Below, we discuss some of the most popular additions that homeowners can enjoy, either by extending, renovating or converting with a qualified team.

An Extra Bedroom

Converting a loft is a great way to add another bedroom to the house. Ideal for children who love something a bit different or guests who regularly stay overnight, this space will offer night views through the skylight and create a brighter space during the day. Home extensions and property renovations can provide a downstairs bedroom in some situations – perfect for those who suffer mobility issues.

A Private Office

Do you regularly work from home? Many property owners in Crawley double up their bedroom or lounge as an office and have a real fight to stay productive. By speaking with our building contractors and carpenters for loft conversions and other building work, you can enjoy a more peaceful workspace. We can also make suggestions based on your stylistic preferences and deliver bespoke carpentry for a high-performing space that assists with your workflow.

A Sunroom or Lounge

When speaking with a team for property renovations in the Crawley area, it’s worth asking for ways to improve the main living area. They may recommend home extensions where feasible, opening up the lounge to create a more breathable space. While some contractors manage specific elements of the building work, our team carries out a fully managed service to bring you the lounge you always wanted.

If you enjoy reading under the summer sun, then a sunroom will likely be a perfect choice. It achieves a brighter environment, so you can get lost in a good book or mentally prepare for the day ahead.

An Extended Kitchen / Diner

Skilled building contractors and carpenters can strip the old kitchen elements and formulate a dazzling new design complete with a kitchen island, seating area and space for utilities. Choose a company around Crawley that will perform the upcoming building work within the bounds of feasibility, while providing creative building work to suit your ambitions. Although specialising in carpentry, we organise every element of loft conversions, home extensions and property renovations for greater consistency.

Other ideas include:

Mansard loft conversions, in particular, can provide a new bedroom with fitted storage from our talented carpenters. We may even be able to install en-suite facilities depending on the floor space achieved.

To experience the benefits of home extensions, loft conversions and property renovations first hand, please call our Crawley team on 07801 980557 or 01293 223001.